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    Adalia Extreme X3M™

    The quality engineered Adalia Extreme X3M™ retractable awning is our most popular awning and is designed to combine durability with excellent functionality. Most parts are made from extruded, thermally treated, and artificially aged aluminum.

    Adalia X3M Extenda™

    The Adalia X3M Extenda™ model is part of the Adalia X3M™ family of awnings. The Adalia X3M Extenda™ has been specially designed for areas that require a full projection but cannot accommodate the minimum width requirements of a standard awning. As a result of the cross-arm setup, the Adalia X3M Extenda™ awnings can be manufactured with the projection equal or greater than the width of the awning. 

    Adalia X3M Plus™

    The Adalia X3M Plus™ is a modification of the Adalia X3M™ retractable awning with unique slope adjustment gears incorporated into the arm shoulders. As a result, the Adalia X3M Plus™ awning allows infinite inclination adjustments of both arms simultaneously at any time keeping the arms aligned, which means your awning will remain levelled as the inclination is changed. Most parts for Adalia X3M Plus™ are made from extruded, thermally treated, and artificially aged aluminum, making them immune to corrosion.


    The Bravo™ awning is a semi-cassette retractable awning system where the roller with fabric top are enclosed by top and bottom profiles, leaving only the arms and valance exposed when the awning is retracted. The semi-cassette protects the fabric top from dirt and debris, the elements and wildlife. A specially designed mechanism of the arm shoulder forces the front bar to pull into the cassette, forming a tight enclosure that prevents unwelcomed creatures from making your awning their home.


    The Tilt-O-Shade™ awning features chain driven arms and arm shoulders with an independently adjustable pitch, allowing you to raise or lower the front bar when you want, in a matter of seconds. Since each arm is adjusted individually, the awning can be angled so that one side is higher than the other (for water runoff or more shade on one side of the awning).

    Physique XL™

    Physique XL™ is a heavy duty awning system exclusively designed for 13’0″ (4m) projection, and has chain driven arms. Every retractable awning model, while extended, experiences considerable mechanical loads, especially during windy conditions. These loads become more significant for awnings with larger projections, and in particular a 13’0″ projection. The Physique XL™ features exceptionally robust arm shoulders designed to handle the torque where the arm is connected to the square bar. The model also features powerful lateral arms with rigid stainless steel chain links.

    Drop Arm™

    Drop arm awnings are our most popular model for shading windows. They are retractable, thus giving you the option to shade the entire window, or just part of it. Drop arms can be motorized or manually operated; for higher installations, we suggest a motorized operation.


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